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I just finished editing baby Tatum's lifestyle newborns and decided I would write up a post about how lifestyle newborns work with me! Newborns are my favorite. They are fun to photograph and its so exciting to catch the candid, raw moments of the brand new addition to your family, whether its your fourth or very first!

I almost always go to the clients home. I like this a lot because baby and mama are in a comfortable environment and it makes getting everyone in the family ready for pictures just a little bit easier. It also helps if you have other older children that they will have a place to go after their portion of the pictures are done.

That doesn't mean I don't do in-studio newborns! I know of several adorable studios that are just perfect for lifestyle newborns. This is always a nice option to have if it ever is a problem to come to the clients house.

My goal is for a one hour session, but I also know newborns really don't care about schedules. I will always block out at least a 2 hour window in my day to make sure I give us enough time to get the right shots. I want everyone involved to be comfortable and relaxed. This goes for mama, baby and dad. I don't want anyone to feel rushed or stressed that their baby is fussy or hungry or just doesn't want to be set down.

I encourage parents to try to feed before I get there and if possible to keep them up for a little bit before the session to *try* getting a nice sleepy bub. But again, newborns really don't care what we want! So I will go with the flow and if they don't want to be set down we will get shots of everyone holding the baby, if they are awake we will get shots of their cute open eyes and if they are sleepy we will get some cute pictures of them sleeping in your arms or in their crib or on your bed etc. There will always be enough time for you to feed you baby during the session, and I will always be fine waiting for you to calm a cranky baby down.

All I want is to get you pictures you love and for you to have a enjoyable experience.

This is a basic run down of how my newborn sessions go. But if you have any questions I would love to talk more with you! And can you believe how cute this family is?! I love me some baby Tatum!

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