Dallin | Cake Smash

I love everything about this adorable simple cake smash! It was a last minute schedule and it was difficult because of how unpredictable Utah weather is. We talked about it on a Friday, and decided that Monday was the most reliable for weather, so it came up fast! This adorable mama knew exactly how she wanted it to look and went above and beyond to get everything ready for it! But that doesn't mean everything went according to plan.

So it just so happened that the mama was picking up some sample cakes Monday morning to try before his party, perfect right?! And she luckily got two because one of them got a little smushed on her way to the shoot! She didn't plan when she ordered the cakes to be used for a cake smash so they weren't necessarily decorated for a photoshoot so before she got to the location she picked up some cute garnish and a "1" for a topper. She was sitting there as I was taking the portrait part of the pictures decorating the cake, putting the garnishes on, and using a card to make the sides of the cake exactly how she wanted. And it seriously was perfect!

Now this part made me laugh just because this would happen. Right as she parked her car, she was opening up the car doors, getting everything loaded into the stroller and the cute "1" ballon she just filled up flew right out of the car and floated away. Hahaha. It was a crazy morning and we didn't get the ballon back but everything ended up working out just fine and went smoothly.

Now for the fun part! He literally couldn't stop looking at the cake while we were taking pictures, but then when it was time to eat at all he really wanted to do was play with it! It was so funny! But he sure had fun and made a huge mess and it was ADORABLE!

I had so much fun with this photoshoot and look forward for more cute cake smashes!

#cakesmash #firstyearportraits #simple #minimal

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