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I've decided to re-write a blog post I wrote last year with some updated and more detailed info! And show case one of my very favorite newborn sessions.

This is going to be all about how lifestyle newborns work, from start to finish, with me!

If you contact me before your sweet baby has arrived, I will tentatively put you in my schedule. I'll get all your information and write down when you're due. Then after you have your baby, you let me know and we can set up a day and time that works best for everyone. I suggest morning times for almost everyone. In the morning the light is best and usually baby is in a better mood!

We can do in-home or book a studio for an extra fee! Both options are great and either can work perfectly for your family. Studios are super nice because they are made for taking photos! They always have open spaces with beautiful light and amazing furniture. But in-home sessions can be magical! Photos in your own home can really make for a relaxed family which in turn can make for amazing photos! Also, if you have other kids, being at home means they have somewhere comfortable to hang out while we get mom, dad or single baby shots.

I usually recommend neutral and light colors for the family to wear. Avoid neon colors, busy patterns or big logos! I like to keep all the attention on the sweet newborn! But also, make sure you are comfortable. If you aren't comfortable it can sometimes show through the photos. I am always available to help with outfit advice.

I always bring a couple of small props with me, and that includes neutral swaddles, and some cute headbands or flower crowns for baby girls.

I like to follow baby's lead in what order we do the session. If your newborn is crying and wants to be held, we can do mom, dad and family shots first. If he/she is content or sleeping I will get some photos of just the baby or with the baby and siblings! I never want you to worry about the time of the session. I always book out enough time to be able to wait while you change, feed or cuddle your sweet newborn. I want a relaxed mom and dad.

I recommend trying to keep your baby awake for about 30 minutes before the shoot and trying to line up feeding schedules to right before I get there! But I know that babies don't really care about schedules or what we want to do. So I just say do your best and we will go with the flow. I also LOVE awake shots of babies. I think getting those cute baby eyes can be a memory you will love to look back on!

I just love the natural & candid moments in lifestyle newborns. And it's so fun to capture them for you. This is my favorite part of the job!

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