Fox | 18 Month Milestone

This is my son Fox. I wanted to show you a fun idea for a milestone session! Last year for his 6 month milestone I did a milk bath with fruit loops. So I wanted to do something similar for his 18 month milestone!

This could be fun for a 6 month milestone, 1 year portraits, 18 month milestone and possibly even 2 year photos! And think of all the possibilities! Strawberries? Watermelon? Blueberries? So much fun!

I was worried if the lemons and oranges would irritate my sensitive skin baby. But surprisingly it didn't! Just right after I was done with the photos I rinsed him off just to make sure.

These photos are some of my favorite photos of my boy! You wouldn't know it from the pictures but he was NOT happy right before I put him in there. But It was so much fun for him to splash in the water (muchin on some lemons!)

I can't wait to do more in the future!

#fruitbath #milestone #lifestyle #citrusbath #minimal #simple

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