Lauren & Violet | Apple Orchard

Just to give you a good picture of how this this was supposed to go, check out my last blog post.. We were supposed to go to the lavender farm with this beautiful mama daughter duo. As I was finishing up my first session she called me and said she can't get through to where we are.. because her car was stuck in the mud!

(Don't worry she got out.)

So its raining, I'm sitting in the passenger seat (after she's driven an HOUR to get to this lavender farm with hand made flower crowns and a new gorgeous dress) and I said "So, what do we do?"

Lauren being the most positive, beautiful soul ever says. "We find somewhere to take pictures at!"


So we drove!

We tried a couple places after driving around for a little bit but it didn't quite work out. So she knew of this cute little apple orchard with a fun barn/store across the street called The Red Barn. So we went there! We got there with about 30 minutes till it was completely dark.

And lets just say it was magical.

Then I decided to pull out my small copper pipe to try to catch the sun! I've tried it a couple of times and its never worked out but holy moly did it work out for this session!

Can you say GORGEOUS.

After all was said and done, this session turned out absolutely spectaculer and one of a kind. Even though it was quite chaotic at the beginning it was so worth it.

And Lauren bought me ice cream at The Red Barn after so... it was perfect.

It was also July 24th. So on out way home, all the way from Mona we saw fireworks across the valley. It was something I've never seen before! It was amazing.

#lifestyle #simple #appleorchard #theredbarn #mommyme #ringoffire

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