Orion | Birth Story

This beautiful mama had a amazing home water birth. It was only about 15 minutes after I got there she brought this adorable baby boy to the world! She was so strong and it was amazing watching this birth play out. Her adorable daughter was even in the tub with them during the whole process! How cool is that?!

She got to grab him herself while her awesome fiancé helped and supported her the whole time. It was so amazing to see all the midwives, her fiancé, her mom and daughter all there showing her love and support in one crazy moment. It was magical.

So much love filled the room. He had little trouble getting some fluid out of his lungs but the midwives were on it. They helped him and made sure everyone was okay. It was so cool to see Monica go from her tub were she gave birth to her bed where they would get to spend however long they wanted, snuggling.

They got to weigh him and do all do the newborn checks, right there in the bedroom!

They wanted to wait to cut the cord. So they got some cool prints of the placenta and some cool photos! This was so much fun watching all of this happen!

After only being there 3 hours, I left them. Cuddling their new baby boy. Orion.

#waterbirth #birthstory #pregnancy #homebirth

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